It’s Friday and I think it’s safe to say we all need a drink. Crush Pools has the best drink for you! Here is the best summer pool drink you can make. It’s refreshing, perfectly sweet, fruity and fragrant of the season. With this hot weather this is a perfect drink to have by the swimming pool with some friends. This drink is easy to make and you can change up some of the ingredients based on what you like. Below is the ingredients for the drink.


Swimming Pool Maintenance

Now grab that drink, meet me by the swimming pool and lets enjoy the rest of the summer! Tell us how your drink turned out and if you change anything from the recipe.

The weather is hot and the pool is clear – it’s time to make some epic summer cocktails. At Crush Pools we take our poolside drinks seriously. Whether we are sipping on ice cold beers or relaxing with a gin and tonic – we make sure we are never empty handed by the pool.

Today’s post we are sharing how to make our epic gin and tonic! This recipe was created by the owners Mom and is a fan favourite. We hope you enjoy!


Combine all the ingredients in the order listed above. Mix and enjoy!

*Serves 1. Please drink responsibly.

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