August 26, 2023

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps vs Regular 1Hr Power Pool Pumps

pool pumps explained

If you follow our Instagram feed you know how Crush feels about energy efficient pool pumps – they are the sh**. Energy efficient pool  pumps are the new “must have” in the pool industry. These pool pumps out preform a regular 1 hp power pool pump in all aspects (seriously we don’t just say anything is the sh**).  To make it easy – we’ve summarized a few key reasons to switch your pool pump to an energy efficient one below

  1. They pay for themselves in a few years in hydro savings alone. Cha – Ching! You can now afford those awesome patio chairs.
  2. The government is currently offering a $400 rebate for this year when you purchase an energy efficient pump (feel free to add in the matching patio table!)
  3. They run quietly – no one likes a loud pump including your neighbours (trust us they’ll thank you.)
  4. They are better for the environment – the earth let you dig a pool into it you should probably give back a bit.

… we would continue on with our endless list of benefits but by now we are assuming you’re already on the phone with us booking a date to get your energy efficient pool pump installed.

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