August 26, 2020

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps vs Regular 1Hr Power Pool Pumps

If you follow our Instagram feed you know how Crush feels about energy efficient pool pumps – they are the sh**. Energy efficient pool  pumps are the new “must have” in the pool industry. These pool pumps out preform a regular 1 hp power pool pump in all aspects (seriously we don’t just say anything is the sh**).  To make it easy – we’ve summarized a few key reasons to switch your pool pump to an energy efficient one below

  1. They pay for themselves in a few years in hydro savings alone. Cha – Ching! You can now afford those awesome patio chairs.
  2. The government is currently offering a $400 rebate for this year when you purchase an energy efficient pump (feel free to add in the matching patio table!)
  3. They run quietly – no one likes a loud pump including your neighbours (trust us they’ll thank you.)
  4. They are better for the environment – the earth let you dig a pool into it you should probably give back a bit.

… we would continue on with our endless list of benefits but by now we are assuming you’re already on the phone with us booking a date to get your energy efficient pool pump installed.

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