August 26, 2023

How to Throw an Awesome Pool Party

Hi Everyone! Ally here – while the boys may be experts in the pool industry I excel in all aspects when it comes to party planning – especially a swimming pool party. Which is why I’m here today to give you my top 5 tips on how to throw the most epic swimming pool party.

Grab your pens, get comfortable in your floatie and listen up – you don’t want to miss these!

  1. SNACKS – yes okay we all know we should wait at least 30 minutes after we eat to swim… but a party without snacks is not a party. Trust me your guests will get hangry and leave early so make sure you stock up on the entire chip aisle of your local grocery store (…and while your at it make sure you’ve got some cold beers to).
  2. FLOATIES FLOATIES FLOATIES – did I say FLOATIES? If you want your #poolpartyhashtag to go viral you better get some sick floats for everyone to pose with for Instagram. Some fan favs are the swan, pizza, swan/unicorn and of course the donut.
  3. 85 DEGREES (MINIMUM) – If your guests wanted to swim in cold water they’d go to the lake. No one likes a cold pool – so make sure you turn your heater on a day before.
  4. MUSIC – Luckily this one is pretty easy. Spotify has an awesome range of pool party/summer playlist. Pick whatever one you want and let it shuffle all day. Some personal favourites of mine are – Happy Summer Beats, Good Vibes and Soak Up the Sun.
  5. GAMES – Don’t expect your guests to have fun just swimming laps or floating around. Have at least 3 -4 games ready to go! For kids – Marco Polo, diving for treasure and the classic colours are always great choices. If your hosting some young adults – there are floating beer pong tables (a personal fav)……. Marco Polo, diving for treasure and the classic colours 

Happy pool partying!!! Oh and if you need your pool cleaned before the swimming pool party…… check out our pool maintenance.

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