August 27, 2020

Pool Closing Tips

First time closing your pool? Here are some pool closing tips to ensure your closing goes smoothly.

  1. Clean your pool prior to closing – a clean pool at closing will lower your chances of algae forming over the Winter/Spring (saving you $$$ in Spring clean up costs).
  2. Keep your pump running until you close – if you stop circulating the water, it is likely to turn green. In addition to that if temperatures begin to drop you risk your pipes freezing!
  3. Make sure the pool is properly balanced before closing – you don’t want to damage your pool equiptment due to improper water chemistry!
  4. Add chlorine and anti-freeze – when closing your pool these are usually the only two chemicals you need to ensure your pool is safe over the winter.
  5. Empty skimmer baskets daily prior to closing – as the leaves begin to fall you don’t want your skimmer basket overflowing with leaves, as it can strain and damage your pump.

If you have any questions or need help with your pool closing feel free to contact us!

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