August 27, 2020

What to do When Your Pool is Closed for the Winter

Things to do if you’re tired of winter and miss your pool.Pool Owners, we understand.. It’s cold, your pool is closed and you miss those hot sunny days. At Crush, we have complied a list of to do’s if you’ve got the winter blues..

  1. Head down south.. We know.. Canada is cold.. Your pool is closed and you miss hanging out pool side on those hot summer days. Thankfully there are a number of seat sales going on for Christmas. We recommend grabbing the kids booking a flight and heading down south. (Here is an idea of the weather in Miami (27 and sunny sounds pretty good to us right about now).
  2. Can’t go south? If you’re a bit on the wild side this is always an option.. Toronto Polar Bear Swim (Not interested? We encourage you to strongly consider option 1 again).
  3. Bundle up and count down the days until Spring.. We already have people booked in for pool openings at the beginning of April. Remember if you have a safety cover we strongly recommend opening your pool early to avoid this.. (green pool)

We hope you stay warm and have a great Christmas break with the family!

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