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Crush Pools provides swimming pool closing services in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and surrounding areas. As a small business Crush Pools is able to provide a more personal service. We believe in quality work, which is why we only take on a limited amount of pools a day to ensure that every swimming pool closing is done properly.
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Are you worried about your swimming pool equipment being damaged due to an improper closing over the winter? With Crush every lead technician has several years of experience so you know your pool is in good hands. Our customers enjoy that they always get a quality pool technician performing the service work.

Unbeatable service. Fair and transparent pricing.

A comprehensive pool closing is crucial to the longevity of your investment, to the health of your pool equipment, and can save you thousands of dollars in potential damages if not closed correctly. With decades of combined experience, and staff solely dedicated to ensure your pool receives the most detailed, thorough closing possible, you can rest assured -- your pool is in great, capable hands.
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Add-On Options: Waterfalls: $40 +HST. Attached Spas: $195 +HST. Additional Cover: $75 +HST
Full Pool Closing
Drain water to appropriate level
Remove jets, ladders and baskets
Blow the lines
Winterize pool system
Install winter cover
Add Appropriate Chemicals (Oxidizer Shock Pack, Algaecide, Anti-Freeze)
Incredible customer service. Crush came through for us to close for the season. The team is knowledgeable, trustworthy and supportive. They're so patient, very thorough, I highly recommend Crush!
Kelly K.

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Have Questions?

We've got answers!
I booked my pool closing but the weather is beautiful, can I reschedule?

Of course! We just ask you let us know 24 hours before the appointment. Please note if you don’t call and we show up at your house to close the pool and you want to reschedule or the pool is already closed there is a cancelation fee of $75. That being said we are pretty understanding – if you forgot because you’ve been super busy with work, family etc. Call into our office to explain what happened and we will waive the fees.

If I have a tarp and water bag cover, is it okay to hold it down with bricks or patio stones?

NO!!! If they fall into the pool they can severely damage your liner, costing you a lot of money to fix.

What chemicals will you add when closing the pool?

We add 1 450g oxidizer shock pack, 1L of algaecide and anti-freeze.

When should I close my pool?

As late as possible. Anytime after Thanksgiving is when we recommend (especially if you have a safety cover).

How long does it take to close a pool?

On average its 2 hours. However this ranges from pool to pool depending on size and cover.

If I want to be home for my pool closing, will you call before you come?

Of course! Just let our admin staff know when you book the appointment and they will add a note to your file.

Do I have to be home for the pool closing?

Nope! Just make sure we have access to the backyard.

What should I leave out for the pool closing?

Please leave out the pool cover, water bags (if necessary), plugs and any other pool closing parts specific for your pool.

What time will you come to close my pool?

Unfortunately it's really hard for us to give an exact time of when we will be at your house. This is because we never know how long a pool will take to close until we get there! What we can do is send you an email the day before letting you know where you are on our list for the day and roughly what time we will be there at.

Is there anything I need to do before my pool closing?

We recommend you make sure the water is clear, balanced and you clean the bottom of your pool before the closing. We tell our customers to clean the bottom of the pool because don’t want to have dirt sitting in the bottom of your pool all winter. If you are one of our weekly maintenance customers you don’t have to worry about doing this because we will do it all for you during our last maintenance visit!

How do you close a pool?

Great question! We could explain it in words, but we've made a great video for you instead.

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