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Crush Pools is a leading expert in swimming pool heater installations. We install both Hayward and Pentair Pool Heaters. The reason we install only these two brands is that over the years we have found they are made the best. Buying the right equipment and installing it properly is key to having a long lasting pool heater.
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The Hayward Universal H Series and Pentair Mastertemp are built extremely well. They both run much more efficient than traditional pool heaters saving you money! They also are easier to winterize and start up (no need for a gas guy)! In addition their digital displays make them easy to program ensuring your pool is always at the temperature you want!

Top-quality pool heaters. Fair and transparent pricing.

The Universal H-Series

This pool heater line provides the most reliable heat solution choice for pool owners. Hayward's technology offers the lowest cost. These heaters come in a variety of sizes and are available in both natural and propane versions to match your household.
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Pentair Master Temp

The MasterTemp heater provides efficient and effective heating for swimming pools and spas. These heaters utilize advanced technology to deliver high-performance heating, with a range of features and benefits that make them a top choice for many pool and spa owners.
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Why our customers choose us

It could be that, as a reputable SPC distributor, we're proud to offer an extended 1-year warranty, on top of the 3-year standard warranty for select models. It could also be that we supply higher quality pool pumps than other online stores, including brands like Hayward and Pentair. It could also be our experienced technicians, our no-obligation quotes, or the experience of working with our helpful, friendly staff, who are eager to answer any questions you have.
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