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Swimming pools are complicated. Chemicals, quantities, discolouration -- all complicated too. We care about your health, safety, and the investment you've made in your pool, which is why we created Pool School, a one-on-one, hour-long training session with our most experienced technician, Tim.
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At Crush Pools, we believe in doing whatever it takes to provide the greatest pool experience possible. After graduating from our Pool School training, you'll feel more confident operating your swimming pool system, enabling you to enjoy a safe, happy pool experience for many years to come.

Unbeatable knowledge. Fair and transparent pricing.

Don’t spend the summer worrying about if your checking your water chemistry properly or spending thousands of dollars replacing damaged pool equipment due to improper care. Let Crush teach you everything you need to know to have a stress-free summer!
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/ 1 hr.
Pool School
Basic 101 – How your pool works
Explain water chemistry test
Explain how to vacuum
Pump operation tutorial
Heater operation tutorial
Filter operation tutorial
Learn how to backwash
Answer all your questions!

Meet your instructor, Tim.

Tim has had 24 years maintaining and caring for pools in the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and surrounding areas. He is known for being a stickler when it comes to maintaining proper water chemistry and making sure pool equipment lasts it’s entire lifespan. Tim loves helping and sharing his pool knowledge with our customers. He aspires to make sure every pool owner feels confident taking care of their pool. Pool systems can seem complicated but Tim makes understanding them easier!
Pool School Instructor Tim
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