Professional salt system installations backed by decades of experience

Our customers choose us for their pool's salt system installations because our entire business is solely dedicated to servicing and maintaining your pool to the highest quality standards, at a fair and affordable price.
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At Crush Pools, we believe that the best products installed by the most experienced, educated technicians, provide an unbeatable experience. That's why we choose to sell, service, and install both Hayward and Pentair Salt Systems. With decades of combined industry experience, we guarantee your salt system is installed by a trained, highly-educated service technician that values and respects your space and your investment  -- all at a fair, transparent price.

Reason to switch to  a salt cell system

1. Healthier swimming experience: Saltwater pools have lower levels of chlorine than traditional pools, which can be harsh on skin, hair, and eyes. A salt system uses salt to generate chlorine, creating a more natural and gentle swimming experience.

2. Easy maintenance: Once the salt system is installed, there is no need to purchase and add regular chlorine to the pool. The salt system keeps the pool's chlorine levels balanced automatically.

3. Cost-effective: Although the initial cost of installing a salt system may be higher than traditional chlorine systems, the long-term cost is much lower. Salt systems require less maintenance, and salt is much cheaper than chlorine.

4. Eco-friendly: Salt water is considered a more eco-friendly option than traditional chlorine because salt does not create harmful byproducts as chlorine can.

5. Longer-lasting equipment: Salt systems can also be less harsh on pool equipment, resulting in longer-lasting equipment and fewer repairs needed.
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Top quality salt systems. Fair and transparent pricing.

Hayward Aqua Rite T-15 Cell 40K
Hayward Aqua Rite T-15 Cell 40K
Pentair IntelliChlor IC40 Salt System
Pentair IntelliChlor IC40 Salt System
Hayward Inline and Offline Chlorinator
Hayward Inline and Offline Chlorinator
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Why our customers choose us

It could be that, as a reputable SPC distributor, we're proud to offer an extended 1-year warranty, on top of the 3-year standard warranty for select models. It could also be that we supply higher quality pool pumps than other online stores, including brands like Hayward and Pentair. It could also be our experienced technicians, our no-obligation quotes, or the experience of working with our helpful, friendly staff, who are eager to answer any questions you have.
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