August 26, 2023

When to Close Your Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Closing

One of the most frequently asked pool closing questions we hear at Crush is –  “when do you close a swimming pool?”. Well the answer differs based on a few factors. Let us break it down for you.

The general rule we have at Crush is you want to close the pool as late as possible (ideally sometime after Thanksgiving). The reason we suggest to close the swimming pool later is because it helps insure the water will be clear when you open the pool in the Spring (this is especially the case for safety covers).

When the weather is warm and the water is not circulating algae will form (gross). So if you choose to close your pool in September when the weather can still be warm, there is a greater chance the water can start to turn green and come next Spring your going to have some clean up to do. Think dish washing duty x 1000.

Many people choose to close the pool early because they are not using it and want to save money by not running the pump. This is a fair point but remember there will be additional chemical and cleaning costs in the Spring in order to get the water clear. If you take our advice and wait as long as possible you can usually keep your pool running well into October as long as the temperatures are not below freezing. During this time you also get the added benefit of looking at your beautiful pool instead of a winter cover, another reason to keep your pool opened longer.

Do you have more questions regarding your pool closing? Check out our pool closing page or FAQ page for all your answers!

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