Professional pool pump installations backed by decades of experience

Our customers choose us for their pool pump installations because our entire business is solely dedicated to servicing and maintaining your pool to the highest quality standards, at a fair and affordable price.
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As a leading expert in pool services, we're proud to install and service 1hp pumps and energy efficient pool pumps. That said, we believe that energy efficient pumps are the the way of the future -- as they can save you up to 90% on your hydro bill, compared to a 1hp pump. With decades of combined industry experience, we guarantee your pool pump is installed by a trained, highly-educated service technician that values and respects your space and your investment  -- all at a fair, transparent price.

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Energy efficient pumps

Energy efficient pumps can be programmed to turn your pool water over the optimal amount, keeping your water clear and your hydro costs to a minimum. Energy efficient pool pumps actually pay for themselves in hydro savings. Within 3 years your pump will be paid for compared to an old 1hrs power pump. On top of that they run quite compared to older pumps.

The new energy efficient pumps are more environmentally friendly and help limit the amount of wasted hydro costs. Think of gas guzzling cars from the 90’s compared to a Tesla – what would you rather have?

The saying we have at Crush is if you plan to live in the house for more than 3 years, it doesn’t make sense to not switch. Over the course of the pumps life span (usually 10-12 years) you can save thousands of dollars.
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1HP Pool Pumps

1hp pool pumps

We also install 1HP pumps. We recommend the Hayward 1HP Super Pump. It is the next best value pump on the market. We find that Hayward manufactures high quality pumps that are built to last long. Looking to get one installed? 

If you have a Pentair system we can also install 1HP pentair pumps. All other manufactures do not meet the Crush Pools quality standard, and therefore, we will not sell them to our customers.
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Have Questions?

We've got answers!

How long should my pump last?

Depending on the pump and how long you run it for, a typical pump life time is anywhere from 8-10 years. If your pump is in that range you may want to consider replacing it.

Why is my pump making loud noises?

If your pump begins to start making more noise then usual it could be a sign that the barring’s are about to go. If that’s the case, especially if the pump is starting to get old, it could be time for a new pump!

Should I run my pump during the day or at night?

At Crush we recommend running your pump during the day. This is because when it gets hot out, algae can form when the water is not circulating. If you choose to run your pump 12 hours per day, we recommend running it during the day and switching it off at night.

If my hydro bill is reasonable, do I still need an energy-efficient pump?

Lucky you! Of course you can. We also install 1 HP Pumps. Check out our pool pump page for more information or give our office a call and we can get you a quote!

Do you install pool pumps?

Yes we do!

Why our customers choose us

It could be that, as a reputable SPC distributor, we're proud to offer an extended 1-year warranty, on top of the 3-year standard warranty for select models. It could also be that we supply higher quality pool pumps than other online stores, including brands like Hayward and Pentair. It could also be our experienced technicians, our no-obligation quotes, or the experience of working with our helpful, friendly staff, who are eager to answer any questions you have.
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