Professional pool liner installations backed by decades of experience

Our customers choose us for their pool liner installations because our entire business is solely dedicated to servicing and maintaining your pool to the highest quality standards, at a fair and affordable price.
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Why hire us

At Crush Pools, we're experts at installing pool liners. With highly-experienced technicians backed by decades of experience, we know a thing or two about pool liner installation -- and we're proud to offer our liner installation services for a fair, transparent price.

Our process for the perfect pool liner installation

We come and measure your pool
One of our experienced tech's will thoroughly measure your pool.
Submit a quote request
Request a free, no-obligation quote directly through our website.
We provide your tailored quote
We confirm your requirements, then give you a formal quote.
We coordinate the cover installation
We book a convenient time to drain your pool and install your new pool liner.
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Why our customers choose us

As a reputable distributor of Latham Pools products, we're proud to offer the highest quality liners on the market -- one of many things our customers love about working with us for their liner installations, not to mention our:
Multiple colours and patterns to choose from
Ultra seam liner technology
Our commitment to quality over quantity – as such, we have a dedicated liner technician, that's an expert in installations (with over 1,000 liner installed, and over a decade of experience). Guaranteeing your liner is installed properly.
Concrete and rust repair 
Changing all fittings (Hayward, Kafko and Jacuzzi) in white and grey
Replacing any pool light 
Free pool opening with every purchase of a liner
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The liner develops visible defects, such as cracks, tears or wrinkles.
There are stained, discoloured, darkened or faded areas on the liner.

The liner seems to be stretching out or falling out of the track in areas where you can actually see the pool wall.
The liner may be detaching from the bead. The bead holds the liner in the tracking around the top edge of your pool.

Four signs that it's time to replace your liner

The lifespan of vinyl swimming pool liners installed typically ranges from 10 to 15 years. However, varied factors, such as water chemistry, sun exposure, frequency of use, and liner thickness, impact its duration. To increase its longevity, it's crucial to maintain proper water chemistry.
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