Swimming Pool Safety Cover Installations

We highly recommended switching to a safety cover when it comes to choosing or upgrading your winter pool cover. This is because they are built to last longer and protect your pool better compared to traditional tarp and lock in covers. Not only do safety covers keep your backyard looking nice throughout the winter – they will save you money ($100 when Crush opens your pool) and also give you an your family peace of mind.

 Safety covers make opening and closing your pool easier, due to their flat top and durability. In the Spring you don’t have to deal with the mess of pumping and cleaning dirty water (with bugs/misquotes in it) off your cover. In the Fall you don’t have to worry about filling water bags or your pool not being completely protected. Lastly throughout the whole winter you have the peace of mind knowing your kids and pets will be safe.

Swimming Pool Safety Cover Installations
  • Safer for families (especially if you have young children or pets).

  • Save money on pool opening costs ($100 – at Crush).

  • Looks nicer in the winter.

  • Better quality than traditional tarp materials.

  • Last longer than water bag/lock in covers.

  • Easier to maintain yourself.

Why Choose Crush?

  • Our distributor – Latham Pools offers the highest quality safety covers in the industry.
  • Extended warranties up to 25 years!
  • We value quality over quantity – so we have one safety cover technician who is an expert in installations (over 1000 safety covers installed – close to a decade of experience). Guaranteeing your safety cover is installed properly.
  • Personalized no obligation free quote (and no extra added measuring fees later on).
  • Helpful staff ready to answer any question you may have!
Swimming Pool Safety Cover Installations

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The Process

4 Simple Steps

  1. Call Crush Pools and ask for a FREE quote to get your safety cover installed.
  2. We will set up an appointment to come measure the pool for the cover and then send that off to our distributor – Latham Pools. While we are measuring you can check out Latham Pools to see which type of safety cover you want installed.
  3. After we receive the cost we confirm with you and place the order.
  4. Once we receive the order we will coordinate with you to see when you would like to close the pool. We will then come out and install the grommets and cover. Wondering what that looks like? Check out our Safety Cover Installation Video!

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Reach Out for a Free Custom Quote 

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